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How To Handle Burnaby Car Repairs Proficiently

After a long day at work, it is a big relief to finally get your feet of the ground and into your car. You have probably endured a lot of cold to and from your work and the warm feeling once you get home is a big welcome.
However, we forget the needs of one important family member. Of course, we are talking about your car. And now you be like; this is just a car and a little of frost and zero temperatures cannot harm it. But the truth is, cold weather is bad news for your ride. To prove this to you, here are five things from Burnaby Car Repairs that take a toll on your car during winter:

• Less fuel efficiency

Low temperatures can really have a negative effect on your fuel efficiency. In the morning of a cold night, you always have to turn on your car to heat up before you drive. This will drain your fuel if you have to do it every winter morning. Another thing is that the viscosity of fuel and other fluids in your car increases with falling temperatures. Your engine will thus have to do more work and use more fuel to overcome engine friction and transmission.